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editorial request

We partner with like minded creatives who demonstrate vision and foresight which aligns with our brand.
It's our mission to spark creativity in our clients by providing highly desirable looks through these endeavors and to promote local artisans and venues who consistently refer HIE and are loyal to our brand.
​​The Ali'i collection, select tableware and some furnishing options are not available for styled shoots or editorials, as we have slated them for internal shoots only.

not available until July 


your information

 event information

requested items

List items with quantities

SAMPLE: List items in this fashion

1-Light Wood Farm Tables
8-Wishbone Chairs 
2-Macrame Table runners (1-for guest tables and 1 for welcome)

If Hawaii Island Events, Inc. agrees to participate in an editorial photo shoot and to supply the requested items,

the following conditions apply;

  • Proper credit for our role, and for the items provided in social media, print features, online features, and any other form of publication these photos/video appears in.

  • If a publication requires membership by HIE, or any other form, of paid advertising or membership in their publication, to be credited and/or linked to, we do not agree or consent to this editorial being featured in such publication, and the CLIENT shall not be allowed to use our work and/or rentals in any such publication.

  • Because we have a brand image to protect, we require full disclosure of any, and all, participants, whether original, or added throughout the planning process, and reserve the right to decline participation if a vendor participates or is added with/without our knowledge/ approval or if they could hinder, compete with or damage our brand image, at any time throughout the process.

  • If submission was not successful and re-submission is needed, the photos shall be released to us for our use with such notice.

  • Cost, or waiver, of cost, for the shoot and/or delivery is determined on a case-by-case basis. Items used in a shoot may not be used for an actual event with, or without attending guests. 

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