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If the date is available you'll receive a quote within 3-4 business days. We'll reach out if more information is needed. 





If we love each other's vibe and  you want to move forward with our services,  pick your package and confirm.



Once booked, we set up a "get acquainted" session after  organizing our notes and populating your dashboard

H A W A I I   I S L A N D   E V E N T S


. . . for you?

Ever looked at package comparisons and said,

"If I could take some of package one, and some of package two, it would be perfect"?
W  E     H  E  A  R       Y  O  U!
Ditching traditional wedding and event packages, as we knew it, for fully customizable starter packages that cover all the bases, sprinkle in what works for you and you've got the best of both worlds.

The truth is every couple should be comfortable with their wedding professionals, but we think you should also be excited about their energy and confident in their abilities because there's so much more on the backside of putting together a milestone event than pretty pictures. We are properly trained in the set up of the rentals that we provide and in event planning and coordination. Hiring a company that doesn't understand this will of course be cheaper but could you be at risk? 
One thing we've learned through the decades of wedding planning, is, not every vendor is the right fit for every couple and vice versa.

The question is, Is HAWAII ISLAND EVENTS right for you?

Bar stool rental Hawaii, Hawaii wedding planner

it's a yes if...

-You want to be part of a collaborative team.
-You insist on prompt communication.
-You vibe with our people.

-Prefer to work with top performing vendors over cheap deals.

-You want the most delicious options in a rental collection.

"Made it home!
Thank you both so much for all of your help.  Saturday really exceeded our expectations.  Everything looked perfect!  The tables, the place settings, the DIY photo booth was a hit!  Seriously, thank you to you and your whole staff– we are beyond grateful for your help!  Looking forward to returning to the Big Island soon"!
-Rachel Levy (Bat Mitzvah-Mauna Kea Resort Luau Grounds)

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